Storage Shoe Box; Foldable Clear Sneaker Display Box; Stackable Storage Bins Shoe Container Organizer; 6 Pack - White; X-Large

Size: 6 Pack



Oversized Storage Box-Overall assembled size: 14.2(L) x 11.1(W) x 8.2(H) inches, fits most men's shoes up to size 13. Facing the messy shoe storage space, this stackable shoe organizer can be the best choice .

Ventilation design-Ventilation holes allow for air circulation and odor prevention. Boxes are strong, durable and washable, stack multiple units to maximize storage.

Multi-purpose-These shoe storage are ideal shoe racks for closets, corridor shoe racks, hangers, beds, lockers or wherever you want. They also have foldability and space-saving features, so you can build a shoe collection at your own pace .

Management Space-Stacking storage shoe box help to simply organize closets and living areas, folding design makes each one easy to put together and folds into shape. When not in use, quickly unfolds for easy and convenient storage to save space.

High-Quality Material-These shoe storage boxes are made of soft plastic and the door frame is made of hard plastic. When the two are combined, they become very strong. In addition, the plastic board will keep its shape, prevent deformation, so is more reassuring.


Material: PP shoe storage boxes+ABS door frame

Overall Dimension: 14.2(L) x 11.1(W) x 8.2(H) inches

Internal Size: 13.7(L) x 10.2(W) x 7.8(H) inches

Package Weight: 7.30 lbs

Package Dimensions: 6.3(L) x 18.2(W) x 13.0(H)

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