Nightstand, End Table with Open Shelf, Side Table with Drawer and Storage Shelf

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    • Eco-friendly and Health- BHZ nightstand is made from 100% High-Quality Bamboo. In order to protect the environment and the earth and reduce deforestation, we use bamboo instead of wood to produce furniture.
    • Versatile Use in Home- It is well-known that the vertical rectangle shape of the nightstand is suitable for matching various house furniture. Such as a drink table, coffee table, snack table, sofa side table, or nightstand in bedroom, and living room.
    • Multiple Usage Scenarios- It fits in many locations throughout your home. The bedside table usually works well for bedroom, living room, home office, farmhouse, hallway, balcony, hall, etc.
    • Easy Assembly - Hardware is included for hassle-free assembly. Follow the instruction and you can put it together in a few steps. Drawer dimension:13.34"D x 13.03" W x 3.94 " H ; Overall dimension: 13. 8" W x 15. 7" L x 20.3" H
  • 1 x nightstand
  • 1 x Instructions
  • 1 x Pack of Accessories

Product Description


Product specifications


  • Material: 100% High-Quality Bamboo
  • Color: Black / White
  • Product Dimensions: 13.8"D x 15.7"W x 20.3"H
  • The Dimensions of the Interior of the Drawer: 13.03" D x 13.35" W x 3.94" H
  • Net Weight: 11.9 lbs


Package Includes:


  • 1 x nightstand black
  • 1 x Instructions
  • 1 x Pack of Accessories



Morden and Convenient Design

Hidden Handle


  • The Hidden Handle is easy to switch on and off, and can also be used as a wire hole for easy wire passage.
  • BHZ Stylish Design that Enhances Your Well-being, Let you no longer have the trouble of the handle falling off.


Durable & Sturdy


  • The end tables for small spaces have bamboo frame with sturdy MDF shelf. It is very sturdy and the paint job is stellar, and waterproof and moisture-proof.



1.Environmental Safety


  • Bamboo is made of natural bamboo, which has a short growth cycle and can be used in 3-5 years. Unlike solid wood, it takes decades to use. This is an environmental safety for nature. Using bamboo instead of wood to produce furniture is an effective measure to protect forest resources, and it is regarded as a new choice for fashionable homes by people who advocate environmental safety.


2. Safety and Health


  • Bamboo furniture is made of natural materials, which can adjust indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet rays and resist static electricity. It is beneficial to human health. Especially, after deep carbonization, the board will not change color for a long time, which can strengthen the function of absorbing indoor harmful gases. It is more secure for the health and safety of the elderly and children. Good safety is the greatest benefit of bamboo furniture.


3. Firm and Durable


  • Natural bamboo has high density, natural color, elasticity, moisture resistance, strong hardness, great toughness, firmness, and is not easy to deform, crack and wear, with long service life.




床头柜, 带开放式搁板的茶几, 带抽屉和储物架的边桌, 适合小空间的床头竹桌, 客厅, 卧室(黑色)-11床头柜, 带开放式搁板的茶几, 带抽屉和储物架的边桌, 适合小空间的床头竹桌, 客厅, 卧室(黑色)-12床头柜, 带开放式搁板的茶几, 带抽屉和储物架的边桌, 适合小空间的床头竹桌, 客厅, 卧室(黑色)-13床头柜, 带开放式搁板的茶几, 带抽屉和储物架的边桌, 适合小空间的床头竹桌, 客厅, 卧室(黑色)-14床头柜, 带开放式搁板的茶几, 带抽屉和储物架的边桌, 适合小空间的床头竹桌, 客厅, 卧室(黑色)-15床头柜, 带开放式搁板的茶几, 带抽屉和储物架的边桌, 适合小空间的床头竹桌, 客厅, 卧室(黑色)-16床头柜, 带开放式搁板的茶几, 带抽屉和储物架的边桌, 适合小空间的床头竹桌, 客厅, 卧室(黑色)-17床头柜, 带开放式搁板的茶几, 带抽屉和储物架的边桌, 适合小空间的床头竹桌, 客厅, 卧室(黑色)-18床头柜, 带开放式搁板的茶几, 带抽屉和储物架的边桌, 适合小空间的床头竹桌, 客厅, 卧室(黑色)-19

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