Gillette Venus Female Facial Razor, Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool for Face, 2 Blade Refills, White

Brand: Gillette





Ready to reveal your skin's true glow? Say "buh-bye" to any unwanted face hairs and "hello" smooth glowing skin with the Venus for Facial Hair & Skin Care Dermap-laning Face Razor. Our starter kit comes with 1 refillable premium handle and 2 razor blades, so you can get spa-like smooth glowing skin from the comfort of home. Designed to remove fine hair, dead skin cells, dirt, and oil for an instant glow with results you can see and feel. This dermatologist-tested facial razor is easy to use & effective. Whether you're a first-timer or a pro, these razor blades have you covered: They are designed to respect your skin, featuring our Skin Defense Guard and a protective rounded tip to help protect skin from shave irritation, nicks, and cuts. The durable, high-quality, weighted handle helps you achieve comfort and control as you smooth and exfoliate with the derma-planing razor. Forget about those disposable derma-planers: Our Venus face shaver handle is totally reusable. Simply remove your used blade and easily click in the next one (we recommend swapping out every 3 uses). Instantly uncover visibly smooth, glowing skin with the entire Venus for Facial Hair & Skin Care derma-planing regimen. Cleanse to prep, smooth and exfoliate by derma-planing, then hydrate your skin with Venus' complete line.
SMOOTH & EXFOLIATE: Derma-planing razor visibly removes fine facial hair and dead skin for an instant, visible glow
VENUS STARTER KIT: Derma-planing set includes 1 premium handle and 2 facial razor refills
DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED: Designed for the unique contours of your cheeks, upper lip, chin, and forehead; respects your skin and effective
COMPLETE YOUR DERMAPLANE ROUTINE: Use with the Venus Facial Hair & Skin Care Cleansing Primer and Post-Derma-planing Hydration Serum
EASY TO USE & EFFECTIVE: Skin Defense Guard over the blade helps protect skin from shave irritation, nicks, or cuts
EACH BLADE IS GOOD FOR 3 USES: Simply remove your used blade and easily click in the next one (we recommend swapping out every 3 uses)
REFILLABLE REUSABLE HANDLE: Reusable, refillable premium durable handle fits your hand for smooth and precise exfoliation
For all Female skin types

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