Folding Utility Table 6ft Fold-in-Half Portable Plastic Picnic Party Dining Camp Table, White

Color: White



Ever needed a bench to set up for dinners and holiday parties but don't have space in your apartment or home for one? We fixes that problem with this foldable bench that is affordable, portable and sturdy. Now when you have guests over and need to entertain them with both indoor and outdoor events such as barbecues, pool parties, or just a simple get together you have the furniture to make it happen. Whatever your needs, this foldable bench can take you all the way.

The best part about this foldable bench is that you can fold it up and put in the closet, under the bed or anywhere you store items without it taking up too much space. You only have to take out this bench when you need it and that is the best kind of furniture to have in a tiny space. This white plastic bench folds and opens up quickly for a no hassle setup. It's very lightweight in comparison to the common heavy wooden and metal benches so you can pick it up and go whenever you need. Picking it up to go is made even easier with its special handle feature!

The plastic surface is easy to wipe clean. Sturdy, strong, portable and washable this is a must have furniture item for those with little space in their home and a need for a bench for any of their needs!


    • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This folding bench is great for all events and can be taken with you anywhere. With its lightweight composition , folding capabilities and carrying handle feature taking this furniture with you anywhere has never been easier.
    • QUICK SETUP AND CLEANING: With four heavy duty steel legs that fold in and out with a snap you can set up and take down these benches in seconds! Cleaning it also takes seconds--the surface is easy to wash with a simple cloth!
    • PERFECT FOR BARBEQUES AND OUTDOOR EVENTS: This plastic portable bench is great for outdoor events such as barbeques, pool parties and more because of it's sturdy structure and UV resistant too. You can leave this outside all the time!
    • EASY STORAGE: You can pack away and take out this bench when you need it with the greatest of ease. All you have to do is fold it and you can store it in your closet, under your bed or any place that you store items and it will leave your home with space. Nothing is better than furniture that doesn't take up too much space!


    • Portable and Lightweight
    • Four Steel Heavy Duty Legs
    • Measures 6 Feet with 29 inches height and 29 inch width
    • Carrying Handle
    • Washable Surface
    • Quick Setup
    • Perfect for barbecues, picnics, dinner parties
    • Space Saver. Easy Storage

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