Dragon Stealth 86X PRO 4K Dual Camera Smart Drone

Color: Black



Dual HD camera system with smart avoidance built in


The Dragon 86X PRO Drone is equipped with Smart avoidance system along with Dual HD camera. The 4K HD Camera Aerial Photography Remote Control Aircraft is a 4-axis folding drone that comes equipped with a 4K HD camera for amazing aerial photography. It also features four-sided obstacle avoidance technology to help you navigate around any potential obstacles in your way. You'll also be able to control the aircraft from up to 350 ft away with the included remote control. With this drone; you'll be able to capture stunning aerial shots with ease and precision. Get ready to take your photography to the next level with the Drone 4K HD Camera Aerial Photography Remote Control Aircraft.



This drone toy is perfect for people who want to capture stunning aerial photos and videos. It features a 50x zoom; dual camera system; and gesture control for taking photos. The zoom allows you to get close up shots of far away objects; while the dual camera system allows you to take photos and videos with different angles. The gesture control makes it easy to take photos quickly and accurately. You can fly it indoors or outdoors and enjoy capturing amazing images from the air. It's a great way to explore the world from a unique perspective.



Smart 360-degree Avoidance System. 
Optical Zoom: 50xMaterial: ABSFlight Time: 15min to 20 mins per chargeControl Channels: 4 ChannelsCharging time: 60 minutesCharging method: USBCamera Mount Type: Fixed Camera MountCamera Integration: Dual HD Camera SystemGesture Control for Photo taking.Aircraft Operating Frequency: 2.4GHzAerial Photography: Yes

The advanced obstacle avoidance system of the drone enables it to automatically detect objects in its front; right; left; and back directions; and will immediately stop the drone from progressing further in order to avoid collisions with hard objects. If the drone is paused and the user continues to push forward; unfortunately; the drone will crash and cause damage.


Packages include:


1 Drone

1 Controller

1 Battery

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