Blanket Ladder with Shelf, 5 Tier Towel Racks, Bamboo Blanket Holder,

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    • ECO-Friendly and Health - 100% bamboo material, Bamboo is quickly regenerates plants, strong and durable, the longer it is used, the more beautiful it looks, which can reflect the design tradition of BZH ECO-friendly furniture.BZH believes that bamboo will become "The New Green" to mitigate the world's climate change problem.
    • Decorative Space Saver - Go vertical to get more storage space, a 5-tier blanket towel with a shelf. The shelf installed at top positions to have a spot for small items. Taking advantage of the vertical space and organizing your small magazines, ornaments, potted plants,bags and etc.
    • Perfectly Fit Your Room - It's a great storage solution in the bathroom, entryway, bedroom and more to keep your house organized. Add a warm classic furniture with simplicity, practically and high quality to your room.
    • Easy Assembly - With detailed instructions and the provided L shaped allen wrench, you can put it together in a few steps and takes about 15-30 minutes to complete.
  • 1 x Instructions
  • 1 x Pack of Accessories
  • 1 x Blanket Holder

Product Description

Blanket Ladder

1. Environmental


  • Bamboo is made of natural bamboo, which has a short growth cycle and can be used in 3-5 years. Unlike solid wood, it takes decades to use. This is an environmental safety for nature. Using bamboo instead of wood to produce furniture is an effective measure to protect forest resources, and it is regarded as a new choice for fashionable homes by people who advocate environmental safety.


2. Safety and Health


  • Bamboo furniture is made of natural materials, which can adjust indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet rays and resist static electricity. It is beneficial to human health. Especially, after deep carbonization, the board will not change color for a long time, which can strengthen the function of absorbing indoor harmful gases. It is more secure for the health and safety of the elderly and children. Good safety is the greatest benefit of bamboo furniture.


3. Firm and Durable


  • Natural bamboo has high density, natural color, elasticity, moisture resistance, strong hardness, great toughness, firmness, and is not easy to deform, crack and wear, with long service life.


Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder

Edge Protection


  • Place you little cute knickknacks, books, beautiful vases, family photos and storage bins on this panel.
  • The top edge design will perfectly protect them from falling.


Advantages of L-shaped anti-fall metal


  • It makes Blanket Ladder safer.
  • Avoid the danger of falling shelves.
  • There is a certain adjustability.
  • Easy to install


Why waterproof?


  • The material is used to 100% bamboo, It's Durable that the Blanket Ladder have High-density shelf.
  • It is very sturdy and the paint job is stellar, and waterproof and moisture-proof. Bamboo does not seep easily like wood, and it does not rust when it encounters water like wrought iron products.



Blanket Ladder For Bedroom

Blanket Ladder

Common Questions From Customers:

Q: What is the material of the panel?

A: Hi, this Blanket Ladder is made of high-density and renewable bamboo to ensure its safety, sturdiness and stability.

Q: What is the size of the Blanket Ladder?

A: It's 65.19"H x 16.65"W x 7.87"D.

Q: Is it complicated to install the Blanket Ladder? Is there an installation manual or something like that?

A: Not at all, you will find it easy to assemble the Blanket Ladder as we carefully drill every hole and grind every screw, and attach very clear installation instructions, step by step, you just takes about 15 -30 minutes to complete.

Q: Will the 5 tier Blanket Ladder shake?

A: NO, This Blanket Ladder has L-shaped anti-fall metal mounted on the back, It makes Blanket Ladder safer to prevent it from shaking or tipping over.

Blanket Ladder For Living Room

Blanket Ladder


毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-12毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-13毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-14毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-15毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-16毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-17毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-18毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-19毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-20毛毯梯带架子, 5 层毛巾架, 竹毛毯架, 装饰毛毯, 被子, 毛巾, 围巾梯架, 适用于客厅, 卧室, 浴室, 农舍(白色)-21

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