750w Electric Bike for Adults; 20'x4.0'Fat Tire Foldable Ebikes with 48V 18Ah Removable Battery; Dual Shock Absorber Shimano 7 Speed Electric Bicycles for Urban; Beach; Snow; Off-Road

Color: Black



750W HIGH-SPEED BRUSHLESS MOTOR: F6 electric bicycle has powerful power. With a peak output of 750w, this motor configuration helps you conquer the most rugged terrain,easily cross 30° slopes.Twisting the throttle, and max speed up to 30 mph, it will let you quickly arrived at the destination.

48V 18AH LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: With 48V 20Ah graphene lithium battery, F6 ebike provides cruising ranging from 40-50 miles (electric mode) to 60-70 miles (assisted mode) once charge, suitable for your day's adventure, commuting or most travel. The battery box is IP4 waterproof and explosion-proof.

FOLDABLE AND ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The e bikes for adults adopts aluminum alloy lightweight frame, quickly folded and easily stored on transportation or office.It's ideal for commuting, traveling, and relaxing outdoors in the city.Its handlebar and saddle can be adjusted according to your height.

20" X 4.0" FAT TIRES: Our 20" X 4.0" explosion-proof and puncture-resistant fat tires can offer a smooth ride and provides extra grip and traction on the most challenging routes,takeing you to almost unlimited places, the city center, rugged roads, beaches, snowy suburbs, and even urban forests.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Equipped with Shimano 7-speed transmission to increase the climbing ability, you can adjust the speed according to the terrain and the journey.Furthermore,the excellent suspension device can not only achieve better riding effect, but also absorb the shock from the wheels.




Product specifications

Model: ZHENGBU 20" F6 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Material: Aluminum alloy
Motor: 750W high speed brushless gear hub motor
Max speed: 30MPH
Torque: 62N.M
Gear shifter: Shimano 7-speed
Crankset: 48T

Battery: Removable 48V18Ah battery
Charging method: Charge directly or take out the battery to charge
Charger: 48V2A
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Battery weight: 11.46 lbs
Battery size: 495*80*106mm / 19.48"*3.14"*4.17"
Mileage: 60-80 miles (electric) / 120-150 miles (pedal assist)

Brake: Wire-controlled disc brake (left front and right rear)
Shock absorption: suspension fork
Tire: 20"*4.0" fat tire
Wheel hub: One-piece wheel hub
Instrument: LCD display
Three riding modes: Electric mode; Assist mode; Pedal mode

Weight: 53.8 lbs (without battery); 66.1 lbs (with battery)
Max load: 300 lbs
Folding size: 37"*23"*30"
Handlebar adjustable height: 150mm /5.9"
Saddle adjustable height: 300mm /11.8"
Recommended rider height: 5'1"-6'5"




All terrain; beaches; snow; hills; cities electric bicycle

This is what makes Zhengbu F6 the best in its class.

Who’s it for — Adventurers with limited space
This feels like a good choice for those who love the outdoors but don’t have tons of space to store their electric bike. The Zhengbu F6 is a solid folding electric bicycles that can easily cruise through the city but also tackle some modest off-road trails. The motor is more powerful and has more torque than most folding ebikes for adults which also makes this a good choice for those who live in a hilly area or expect to run into mud; sand; snow or gravel on their adventures.
Are you looking to spend more time with someone close to you?
Whether it’s a spouse; family member; or just a friend you haven’t seen in a while; our electric bikes are helping riders everywhere build deep; long-lasting bonds.
When you bring someone on a spin around town or an adventure into the great outdoors; you’re sharing more than a hobby -- you’re sharing an experience.


Electric Bike for Adults/Ebike/Adult Electric Bicycles/Electric Mountain Bike/Folding Electric Bike/E bike



-The 48V 750W powerful motor can provide the max speed up to 30MPH; and provide the torque to 62N/M.
-The foldable electric bike is made by 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame; the unique design; lighter but stronger; and easy to control.
-The 48V18Ah Graphene Lithium Ion Battery provides long battery life; which is enough for long-distance commuting and off-road.
-With Shimano 7 speed transmission system; our ebikes for adults 750w provides stronger adaptability to all terrains.
-The hydraulic suspension fork with adjustable cap provides more comfort and control force over all terrains.
-The 20'' x 4.0 fat tires can provide you with strong grip; comfortable handling and the support needed to navigate rugged terrain.
-Our F6 electric byclce for adult is also a foldable electric bike; which can be folded to take it by bus; by metro; or put it in the trunk. You can enjoy the riding joy anytime and anywhere. Folded Dimension: 39.3*17.7*29.5 inch. (L*W*H).
-Zhengbu F6 is a well rounded folding electric bike with a powerful motor and a huge battery that’s ready for extended commutes through the city or the trails.


Powerful 48V750W Motor

Compared with 500W; the upgraded version of 750W motor has better performance and stronger climbing power. It is easy to climb over rugged mountains; snow and beaches.


Front Suspension Fork

A high-performance; shock-absorbing; front suspension fork can take your original riding comfort to the next level. You can expect better handling; improved cornering capabilities; and an overall smoother riding experience.



Shimano 7 Speed

The Auloor F6 electric bike has a Shimano derailleur with a 7-speed cassette. With Shimano 7 speed professional derailleur; you can deal with hills and bumpy roads; fast and stable.



Design In Line with Artificial Body

In line with the artificial body design; the height-adjustable stem and saddle can satisfy people of different heights.The high-density foam-filled saddle can suppress shock and vibration; making it ideal for long-term riding.



Large Shelves and Mudguards

The adult electric bicycle is equipped with a sturdy and durable rear frame; which can carry one person or put it in the back pocket.The front and rear fenders make you fearless on muddy roads.


S830 Mid-Mounted Meter

The S830 meter is equipped with a USB charging device; which can be easily charged when the phone is out of power.Simplified operation buttons are easier to use. The function list information can be read at any time: remaining power; speed; mileage; etc.Press and hold the M button for 2 seconds to turn on/off the display; and at the same time; the M button can switch the function list information.The "+" and "-" keys can adjust the 5 gears of the pedal assist mode.The "0" level gear is used in pedal mode; and the throttle will not work.




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