5L Evaporative Humidifiers for Bedroom; No Mist Humidifiers for Baby

Color: White



No Mist Evaporative Humidifier

Consistent Humidity Output

Large Capacity

Digital Display



[No Mist Evaporative Humidifier]Adding the tap water directly; no mist evaporative humidifier uses a special whirlwind technology; pulling in dry air; and blows it over a moistened wick in water. Some of this water evaporates and this water vapor is added to the air which increases its humidity. No mist; it omitted the white mineral dust which can cause respiratory problems.


[Consistent Humidity Output]If you don’t like humidifier operating at full force; our evaporative humidifiers can keep the consistent humidity level output with the humidity value setting. This evaporative humidifier also has two speed settings to help you control how much cool mist you want in the room or equalize the humidity in the rest of the house.


[Large Capacity]This powerful evaporative humidifier can hold 5L of water and humidifying capacity can be 250ML/H. The large water tank will run efficiently for up to 16 hours. Plus; it will shut off naturally when the evaporative humidifier runs out of water if you forget to refill it.


[Digital Display]No mist evaporative humidifiers has touch control and digital display. The humidifiers can be set the scheduled startup and shutdown time; the timing time can be up to 12 hours. You could be more comfortable while you work; sleep; and lounge at home.


[Quiet and Healthy]The filter is removable and washable. The filter remove impurities and is easy to clean; and traps any impurities in the air while decreasing white dust and layered to trap and get rid of bad odor. This humidifier is very quiet when operating; you needn't to worry even if the baby is sleeping.

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