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  • Complete Makeup Brushes Set: Come with 5pcs basic big Kabuki makeup brushes and 9pcs precise eye makeup brushes. Our 14pcs makeup brushes set will fit all your make up needs!
  • Stylish Design: This makeup brush set is made in matte Black wooden handle; Rose Gold metal part and dark brown brush. It looks elegant and cute; suitable for both girls and women.
  • High Density Nylon Bristles: High quality non-Irritating bushy synthetic hair; high density; ideally for applying; blending and shading. Don't worry about the shedding problem.
  • Pamper Your Skin: With fine texture and soft touch; our makeup brush set is comfortable; suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
    14pcs Professional Makeup Brushes Set
    offers the best quality makeup brushes at the most affordable cost.
    We aim to provide the best cosmetic tools helping beautiful women to become more attractive; more sexy and more confident.
    - Since the brushes are sealed in the package for long time; we suggest that you wash them with some shampoo and water to get rid of the smell for the first time use.

    14 Piece Different Brushes
    5pcs Big Brusesh:

    1.Angled Brush 2.Flat Brush 3.Round Brush

    4.Tapered Brush 5.Flat Angled Brush

    9pcs Small Brusesh:

    1.Precision Angled Brush 2. Blending Brush 3. Tapered blending brush

    4. Mini Tapered Brush 5. Small Eye shadow Brush 6. Lip Brush

    7. Precision Brushbb 8. Ultra fine-Eyeliner 9. Dual-Ended Brus

    Firm & Comfortable Bristles
    Made of high-end performance alloy; wood material; and soft and dense synthetic. No shedding; no skin irritating; suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Intended for makeup beginner and enthusiasts.

    Ensured for long time use. Provide you with soft and comfortable touch feeling and super ability to hold without slip.

    Perfect Present For Female
    Great for both beginner and professional artist as these are easy to use and superior in quality at an affordable cost; a complete assortment to allows you to keep your makeup. Ideal gift for mom; wife; female friends!

    How To Clean:
    1. Run the bristles of the brush under warm running water.

    2. Apply a small amount of mild shampoo or brush cleanser to the bristles and work into a light lather.

    3. Rinse the bristles thoroughly under running water. Continue rinsing until no color remains on the brush.

    4. Gently press the bristles to remove any excess water with clean towels or tissue.

    5. Natural air-dry and recommended to wash once every three weeks.


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