Wooden Cat Treadmill

Color: Natural




material: wood

The base and running wheel are made of eucalyptus + poplar multilayer board, with a thickness of 1.5cm and varnish.

The runway is a smoke gray polypropylene circle pile carpet, with Velcro to connect the board.


Overall product size: 80CM (L) * 41.5cm (W) *87CM (H)

The width of the runway is 30CM, the inner diameter of the running wheel is 70CM, and the outer diameter is 80CM.

There are 20 runway connecting plates in total, size: 30CM* 11.3cm * 1.5cm

There are black Velcro strips on the plates, the width of the Velcro strips is 3CM


Other notes:

The product is removable, among which 4 connecting plates are positioning plates, which are installed with self-tapping screws.

The other 16 connecting plates are connected and installed with spring screws;

The product contains four mute rollers and four positioning wheels;

The product contains a 70CM long cat tickling stick with feathers and small bells;

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