Women's Night Runner Shoes With LED Lights For Nighttime Walks and Runs

Size: 40



Built-in LED Lights For Nighttime Running

Easily Visible

No Attachments To Buy

Safety For You And Your Pets

All Day Comfort


Brand:High Beam



It seems like there are not enough daytime hours for all you do, and when you finally find the time for yourself, the day is already gone.   Keeping that in mind, we designed our Night Runner shoes for women just like you.  Versatile and ready for any activity.  Stylish with colors that blend with what you are wearing. No attachments to put on or take off.


High Beam Night Runners are simply sensible, comfortable shoes with built-in technology that keep you visible to traffic while walking or running, safe and seen in garages, stairways, and parking lots, and hands-free light to keep away animals from your pet.

Women's Night Runner Shoes are made comfortable and engineered for performance. The Night Runner Light System is a complete runner's safety LED light system. Front headlights and rear safety lights are built directly into our shoes. The forward-facing headlights put out up to 30 feet of light, so you can remain visible and avoid potential hazards in your path. The rear LED lights Flash Red and Yellow and are easily seen by motorists. The Night Runner light system is perfect for evening walks, running at night, or just walking the dog. Night Runner Shoe Lights are part of the shoe, so there is no extra light to attach, no batteries to buy and you don’t need a runner headlamp. Not Just For A Night Run The Night Runner Light system isn't just for nighttime running. These ultra-powerful shoe headlights are perfect in any area with low light. Use the headlights on movie stairs, and in the garage to avoid potential falls. Dimly lit hallways, parks, remote parking lots, and garages. Stay seen and safe in areas that you feel uncomfortable, the more you are seen, the safer you will be. Independently Controlled Front Headlights and Rear Safety Lights. No Hassel Magnetic Quick Charge Storage Mode Keeps Your Night Runners Charged.

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