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3 in 1  - 360 Self Videographer with motion eye.  It's an Ai technology-based face recognition 360 motion detector animated videographer stand that holds your mobile phone and lets you take video totally hands-free even when you are in motion it will follow your movement and keep you always in the frame. 



It can detect people up to 30 feet away with its AI capability of the motion eye.  This motion eye can be adjusted to focus a wide area or vertically up or down.  Comes with a remote control to operate manually or to take pictures.  Yaw remote to watch video or control sound volume on the phone. 


No app to install or configure no batteries to install fully rechargeable.  Carry it in your bag with a complete setup to make a video or have a video call meeting with your mobile.  The Ai-based optical eye keeps track of your movement and follows you while its autofocus technology focuses on your face giving you a crisp picture every time.  less than a pound you are ready to have a video session anywhere at any time and with no jerky moments and unstable frames you will get a smooth capture of your video with a professional look.


      • 3 in 1 Works with all smartphones; AI motion Eye; and flip phones vertically or horizontally and remote control.
      • Built-in AI-based motion eye detects all the moves and adjusts the videographer to the correct position.
      • Fit all sizes of smartphones and adjust it to shoot vertically or horizontally.
      • Included a remote for picture taking and browsing and sound volume control.
      • Multiple colors to choose from
      • Rechargeable batteries come with a charging cable.

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