Scented Candle Eucalyptus

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1. peppermint glass candle: prickly; earthy eucalyptus is mixed with fresh mint to create a refreshing day SPA fragrance. Invigorating mint and clean eucalyptus scents with a touch of cedar wood add depth; making it a perfect year-round fragrance.

2. Lasting: 9.8 ounces (approximately 258.8 grams) per candle; which can be burned continuously for 55-65 hours. Natural fiber candle wicks provide the best burning effect for each fragrance. We use lead-free cotton wicks; which have a small burning point. For maximum burning time; trim the wick to 5 mm.

3. Natural soy candles: Leize scented candles are made of 100% natural soy oil. The candle contains 96% soy and 4% fragrance. This means that compared with ordinary candles; this candle emits less smoke on walls; furniture and curtains. Use a cloth and some warm water to easily remove the spilled wax.

4. Reusable glass jar: After using scented candles completely; the beautiful glass can be reused as a decorative storage container. Such as beautiful earrings; rings; clips.

5. Household candles: This light green retro style glass jar is an excellent way to add fragrance to your home; while creating a comfortable atmosphere with soft light. The beautiful appearance presents an elegant and romantic atmosphere; which can be well matched with any decorative style.

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