Lean On Me Arm Rest Ultimate Comfort And Convenience

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Tired of long hours at your desk typing and feeling the "mouse arm" syndrome? Are you already thinking there has to be a better way...??? Well; there is !!!

No more tired fingers and no chance for repetitive strain injury that comes from long hours of typing...This armrest has come to your rescue and to the millions of us who work on computers day and night...Made for tables and chairs for dual-use; this very convenient and comfortable device is here to reduce the pressure from your arm and the wrist; as it has a soft; memory cotton wristband and it acts as a bridge between the arm of your chair and the mouse pad; giving an ultimate support to your arm and your wrist when you lean on it... 

Lean On Me and get all the support and comfort you want...!


  • It is made of high-strength ABS computer plate.
  • Strong and durable;  keeps arm at rest and reduces pressure from the arm and wrist. 
  • Memory cotton wristband is comfortable and soft for long-term use which is beneficial to the body blood circulation and can avoid the "mouse arm".
  • Swings flat to the desk when not in use.
  • It comes in Black; Red; Green and Yellow colors.
  • Great for your home office too.

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