HUION HS64 Special Edition Graphic Tablet Four press keys 8192 OTG 4 shortcuts

Color: Black



The work area is 6.3 * 4 inches, the compact size makes it easy to carry and greatly reduces the freedom of movement of the wrist. In addition, the graphics tablet is compatible with many major drawing programs available on the market, e.g. B. Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio, etc.

4 programmable shortcut keys: There are 4 programmable shortcut keys available on the tablet, which can perform various functions with a tap of the finger, making the user more efficient in drawing.

Battery-free pen: leading edge With battery-free technology, your digital pen can work without a battery or charge, without affecting the accuracy and smoothness of the lines you type. This will help you avoid unexpected interruptions while using this graphics tablet.

New operating system Android supported: In addition to Windows and Mac OS, HS64 also supports Android, which allows users to connect their phone to the graphics tablet and better port their creative work. The OTG port is requested when the HS64 graphics tablet is connected to a mobile phone or tabl

We offer a two year warranty on every Huion product, and we strive to provide the best in customer service to answer any kind of question about this product within 24 hours. Tips: Please note that some Samsung cellphone series (except Galaxy Note series) may not have a cursor on the phone. Please be


Supports operation on Android devices

It is amazing that the HUION HS64 special edition supports running on Android in addition to Windows and MacOS, so you can draw comfortably outdoors as you can use it with my Andriod phone. The work area for computers is 160 x 102 mm (6.3 x 4 inches), and the work area for Android devices is 102 x 63.8 mm (4.02 x 2.51 inches).


Make your work more efficient

Take a look at the four programmable express keys at the top of the control panel: they're available on the tablet so that various functions can be performed with the fingertips, making drawing more efficient. NOTE: If Huion HS64 does not enter phone mode automatically, press button 1 for 3 seconds to switch to phone mode.


Operating system and software compatibility

The HUION HS64 graphics tablet supports Windows 7 or higher, MacOS 10.12 or higher and Android 6.0 or higher. The OTG connector is required when the HS64 graphics tablet is connected to a mobile phone or tablet (with no driver installed) that allows you to finger draw on various types of apps. The HS64 graphics tablet is compatible with many of the major drawing programs on the market such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio, etc.


Battery-free pen PW100

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity that ensure that line input appears in different shapes when the pressure on the pen changes. With the 5080LPI pen resolution, you can express yourself freely and concentrate more on details. The report rate of 266 PPS allows me to closely follow the input of lines without compromising accuracy and consistency.


What's in the box?

CHIPS & Co x HUION HS64 graphics tablet

Battery-free pen PW100

Micro USB cable

Nibs x 8

Spring clip

OTG adapter x1 (USB-C)

Quick start guide


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