Gillette Venus Relaxing Coconut-Scented Shave Cream for Women, 7oz

Brand: Gillette





Dreaming of a relaxing tropical getaway? Transform your daily shave into an indulgent escape with Venus Relaxing Coconut & Sea Minerals Shaving Cream Gel. With its beachy lush scents, every shave will feel (and smell) like far-away relaxing spa day. Our Venus Coconut & Sea Minerals Shave Gel isn't a cream or lotion; it's a lightweight gel that transforms into an airy cloud-like foam and glides over your skin like a smooth, skin-loving wave.This special formula is dermatologist tested, helping to protect your skin from pesky shave irritation and razor bumps. Made with skin-loving and moisturizing ingredients, our formula respects your skin during your shave. With vitamin B5 and a touch of Olay lotion, it's also made without parabens, dyes, or SLS sulfates. You can use this gel daily to maintain a comfortable shave. Venus Relaxing Coconut & Sea Minerals Shave Gel is the indulgent scented shave experience you need to escape, unwind, and treat yourself after a long day. Looking to perk up your day with a shaving gel that'll revive your senses? Treat yourself to the Gillette Venus Invigorating Mango & Hibiscus Scented Shave Gel. All skin types. Female.
RELAXING SCENT: Pamper your skin and shave with the rich scent of coconut and sea minerals
SPECIALIZED FORMULA: Helps protect your skin from shave irritation and razor bumps
INDULGENT INGREDIENTS: Shaving cream made with vitamins B5 and a touch of Olay moisture
DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: Made without parabens, dyes or SLS sulfates
AIRY TEXTURE: Gel transforms to cloud-like foam for a smooth glide over your skin
All skin types

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