Electric Bicycle 36V 350W 10AH 7S speed 80KM 150KG +APP disc brake front and rear lights 700C*45C KENDA spoked wheel E Bike

Color: Green



Six colorful options for everyone

Three built-in riding modes, easy to switch, calmly respond to different driving needs, and meet different travel occasions

Enjoy a new smart ride This smart electric road bike will be your companion, recorder and helper for outdoor adventure!

High speed power supply Powerful 350W fast power brushless power system with 40 torque output Fuel your life at a top speed of 32 km/h

Shimano's 7-speed shifting system offers more options when riding in a variety of conditions. Complete control of your e-bike with Pedal Assist. You can adjust the PAS level from 0 to 5 or switch the SHIMANO 7-speed chainstay to meet your needs in different riding scenarios.




SAMEBIKE XWP10 electric exercise bike city bike
350W motor 32 km/h max speed 36 V 10.4 Ah battery up to 40-80 km range App Control
The SAMEBIKE XWP10 is a durable and reliable urban e-bike designed for outdoor enthusiasts and city dwellers. You can ride the winding mountain roads at home or relax in the park with friends. Thanks to the SHIMANO 7-speed drivetrain and Kenda 700*45c tires; you can adjust the speed as needed in a variety of riding scenarios. Whether you're looking for an affordable e-bike or a ride around town; the SAMEBIKE XWP10 could be the one for you!


Frame:700C aluminum alloy 6061 down tube battery frame
Front fork: 700C High carbon steel fork
Battery:36V10AH lithium battery
Motor:M131SD 36V350W high-speed brushless high-power motor
Derailleur:SHIMANO 7 Speed RS35
Meter:LCD meter + SAMEBIKE APP
Brake:Copper level 180 mechanical disc brakes
Tires: 700C * 45C tires (KENDA)
Rim:Spoke rim
Mudplate: PVC Mudplate
Remarks: Whole vehicle quick-release waterproof cable
Light group: Front LED light; rear LED brake tail lights; wheel reflectors
Others: Vehicle waterproof connector + quick disassembly plug
Package: 143*25*75cm; 30kgs

Six colorful options for everyone
Stylish designs and color options allow you to choose a special city bike to suit your tastes; from fiery red; vibrant green; calming blue; minimalist gray; elite white to distinguished black.

Three driving modes
Built-in three riding modes; easy to switch; easily respond to different driving needs; to meet different travel occasions
Bicycle model

Turn off the power; pedal; fitness
Low power or want to practice riding; thorough exercise; protection of the environment; lasting
Auxiliary mode

Turn on the power; set the pedal and automatically start the motor power
Low power or want to ride fitness; precise exercise to protect the environment; lasting endurance
Electric mode

Turn on the power; step on the throttle and drive at full speed
Full power; no need to step on it can be like an electric car driving smoothly

High speed power supply
350W fast power brushless powertrain with 40-torque output for great power. Fuel your life at a top speed of 32 km/h; enjoy a smooth ride even on 25-degree climbs. It's perfect for life on the go. Whether you're commuting to work; to the gym or to the coffee shop; it will keep you both stylish and fast.

350W motor power

32 km/h Max speed

25 Max. gradient

Long-range battery
Adopt high performance 18650 car battery; same battery; 40% longer range; 36v 10.4Ah stable and powerful output. You can always enjoy long distance travel with 40~80km on one charge. With overcharge and shutdown protection. Charging time 4-6 hours.

4-6H charging time

36v-10.4AH removable lithium battery

40-80 km long distance

Detachable battery
Removable battery design; two charging methods.

IPX6 Waterproof Digital Tube Gauge
A tubular digital stopwatch with multi-functional display of gear; power and Bluetooth; the gauge has a built-in Bluetooth application module with application functions and vehicle functions and status.

Enjoy the new smart ride
Integrating product introduction; driving record and navigation with SAMEBIKE smart meter and APP. this smart electric road bike will be your companion; recorder and helper for outdoor adventure

Make your natural low emission driving experience more enjoyable

Shimano 7-Speed
Shimano's 7-speed shifting system offers more options when riding in a variety of conditions. Together with Pedal Assist; you can find any speed that suits your journey.

Complete control of your e-bike. You can adjust the PAS level from 0 to 5 or switch the SHIMANO 7-speed chainstay to meet your needs in different riding scenarios.

Comfortable saddle
The saddle is designed for comfort and designed to relieve stress.

Adjustable phone holder
Adjustable and rechargeable; your navigation companion

Narrow City Tires
2.1-inch lighter and narrower tires for a comfortable ride

Super bright light
Within 2m at a glance; to ensure the safety of night driving.

Equipped with a headlight and an independent rechargeable taillight for your safety when riding at night. In addition; the tail light detects any braking and gives a warning. Turn on the same light pattern as your friends and display it as your bike team logo!


Front and rear dual disc brakes
Dual disc brakes front and rear; shorter braking distance; ensuring safety

Packing list:
1 x electric booster

1 x battery

1 x charger

1 x tool

1 x User Manual

When you receive it; it will be 90% pre-assembled.

We can also provide technical guides to help you solve common bike problems.

All bikes come with a complete set of tools to help you assemble your bike easily and quickly.

NOTE: The vehicle's actual range and top speed will depend on many factors such as rider weight; ambient temperature; road type; speed; assist level; weather conditions; etc. For example; riding in the wind or at altitude.

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