Black Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer Commercial Stainless Steel Single Handle Single Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet

Color: as Pic



Lithium Battery Contained:No


Main Color:Matt Black

Main Material:Stainless Steel


  • DURABLE BLACK KITCHEN FAUCET DESIGN - Multiple layer protection matte black kitchen faucet resists rust, corrosion and tarnishing. To keep faucet clean and always new, just wipe with a soft cloth.
  • HEALTHY CHOICE - Kitchen faucets with pull down sprayer is pre-connected with the food grade cross-linked PEX inner hoses, insuring water purified.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - This new sink faucet with sprayer provides a choice of a non-splash, aerated stream, a powerful spray or pause.
  • EASE OF USE - Black faucet features single handled control of both water flow and temperature. It is high arched with 360 degrees swiveling. The water faucet hose extends to a full 24' available for outside sink range operation.
  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION - All parts of kitchen faucet with sprayer are pre-installed. All you need installation tool is an adjustable wrench for connecting supply line valve. In most cases, 20 minutes is enough.



1. Acid salt spray * Conditions: √ Solution NaCI (g/L): 50, √ Collect Solution pH: 3.1~3.3, √ Duration (hours): 24


* Result: There was no obvious change in the kitchen faucet black deck plate surface. No corrosion, foaming, peeling was observed.


2. Adhesion * Conditions: √ Draw square grid, √ Row spacing 1 mm, √ Row lines 6 per direction, √ 3M 600, √ 60°


* Result: Level 0


3. Acetone wipe * Conditions: At 73.4℉, gently wipe commercial faucet surface with white cotton cloth dipped in anomalies 100 times.


* Result: Other than a slight loss of light on the test surface, no anomalies were observed.


4. Water-resistance * Conditions: Maintain sample in water heated to 176℉ for one hour.



* Result: No foaming, cracking or other phenomena were observed.



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