Programmable Digital Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart

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Make healthy, home-cooked meals in minutes with the Programmable Digital Pressure Cooker. With a six-quart capacity, you can prepare meals ready for your whole family. This pressure cooker locks in the heat and flavor and features nine pre-set buttons to take the guesswork out of some of the most common cooking tasks. Two easy-grip handles make transporting and carrying the cooker to and from your countertop simple, while a larLED display makes using this appliance easy. The cooker features a safety release valve to maintain the precise pressure needed for cooking and a larlocking lid to prevents the cooker from opening while pressurized. The inner cooking pot is easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe. Whether you want to slow cook, make a soup or stew, cook rice, beans, or lentils; steam fish or vetables, braise meats, cook chicken, or simply brown and sear, the Programmable Digital Pressure Cooker does it all perfectly in a fraction of the time.
9 pre-set buttons make the most common cooking tasks simpleLarLED display is easy-to-readInner cooking pot is easy-to-clean and dishwasher safeEasy-grip handles included for portabilitySafety pressure release valve helps maintain the precise pressure needed for cookingLocking lid prevents opening while the cooker is pressurizedIncludes pre-sets for rice, meat, chicken, fish, vetables, beans/lentils, browning/searing/soups, stews, and slow cookingCreate a hearty dish that feeds the entire family in a fraction of the time

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