Challenging but fun

So I literally started this online store from scratch. Built everything, sourced everything, and now manage everything with no experience whatsoever. It has been challenging for sure and I've made lots of mistakes along the way, but I am starting to feel like I know what i'm doing and I know what i want, and how to do it. Shipping is for sure the number one issue when you are sourcing products from all over the world. I have essentially decided that since most of my customers are Australian, (Aussie Aussie Aussie!!) then I will source most of my products from Aussie suppliers to speed up shipping. :) .So I do apologise for anyone who has bought something and had to wait a month or so for their item. I am really putting a lot of time and effort into making sure that doesn't happen again. It takes time to build up relationships with suppliers and get enough sales with them to earn priority shipping and better service etc. Essentially I will owe all future success to you first customers. If you are reading this or have bought something from me then I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Much love! ABW.

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